Frederick Weil
Photographic portraits of
New Orleans neighborhoods


Photographic portraits of New Orleans neighborhoods. People tell us about their neighborhoods. We want to see how neighborhoods are changing a dozen years or more after Hurricane Katrina. Is recovery mostly complete, or is the neighborhood still struggling? Are neighborhood traditions strong, or are things changing? Are younger people renewing the neighborhood, or is it aging? Are newcomers to New Orleans moving in and bringing new energy or disturbing existing neighborhood relations? Is gentrification displacing existing residents? Are Airbnb's and other short-term rentals undermining the neighborhood fabric? Are neighborhood leaders and residents able to reduce crime and violence? Are deeply rooted cultural practices surviving and flourishing? We find a wide variety of patterns across many neighborhoods. We interview residents and take photographs to give a feel for what neigbhorhoods are like today and how they are changing.

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Note: This work does not necessarily involve systematic investigation designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge. Some of it is closer to artwork or filmmaking. That distinction might or might not matter to you. But it can matter in the administration of research. Just planting the flag.

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