Frederick Weil
Visual Sociology


I went to art school (the School of the Art Institute of Chicago) between undergraduate and graduate school, and visual sociology gives me a chance to combine some of my interests.


Photographic portraits of New Orleans neighborhoods. People tell us about their neighborhoods. A major new project I have begun, here

More Photography

  • A photo essay on a Social Aid & Pleasure Club, annual ball and annual parade

  • Earlier photos of Post Katrina New Orleans
    • Various photo galleries, here
    • Renaissance Village - Big Fun event, here
    • Operation Brother's Keeper meeting, 9/29/07, here
    • Pontillly Data Gathering, January 2008, here
    • New Orleans Jewish-Vietnamese Meeting, here
    • Westchester JTeens at Renaissance Village, here
    • Kids with Cameras project at the FEMA trailer villages:
    • Survey Data Collection - Acorn, Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans East, here
    • Data Collection w Young Men Olympians, New Orleans, here
    • Interviewing in Treme & the 7th Ward, here
    • Interviewing in Village de l'Est, here
    • Social Aid & Pleasure Club Task Force Picnic, New Orleans, here
    • Interviewing at the SAPC Task Force Picnic, Nola, here
    • Mardi Gras Day, Nola - Indians at 2nd & Dryades, here
  • A photo essay on tailgating, here

  • Miscellaneous, here (sometimes there's something there; not always...)


  • Community recovery from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, here
  • Grass-roots Mentoring, here
  • My YouTube page, including videos on these and other topics, here.
  • "A Drive in Post-Katrina New Orleans, January 2006. A Short Film in 4 Parts," here.

Note: This work does not necessarily involve systematic investigation designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge. Some of it is closer to artwork or filmmaking. That distinction might or might not matter to you. But it can matter in the administration of research. Just planting the flag.

All materials which I created, including animations,
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