New Orleans
Neighborhood Portraits

Holy Cross
In the Lower 9th Ward

"(to come)." (from The New Orleans Data Center)

[Interview texts in preparation]

Calvin Alexander, president of the Holy Cross Neighborhood Association, with his family

John Taylor joins the group

Fred Henry, Jr., co-owner of Café Dauphine

Tia Moore-Henry, co-owner of Café Dauphine

Brooke Randolph

Ms. Mable Howard with one of the dolls she makes

Pictures from her 90th birthday party a year before

Note. These photo portraits cannot represent the whole range of views in a neighborhood. My survey research tries to do that (see my home page). But I think that these photo portraits express views that are widespread in a neighborhood. This is due to the methodology. Qualitative work like these photo pages has more depth, while quantitative work like surveys has more breadth. Both are valuable, and if you want to know more about a neighborhood, you should try to learn about both.

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