General Information

1.      Go to the class webpage.

2.      Save the dataset to your desktop (right click and Save As)

3.      Login to your MYLSU account.

4.      Click on Tigerware.

5.      Search VLab (in the top right corner).

6.      Use your MYLSU log in information to download.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  In order to run VLab on a Mac computer, you need to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client (version 2.0 or higher.)  Download & Install Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client.                       

7.      Download & Install

Windows--  Download Link & Installation Instructions.

Mac--  Download Link & Installation Instructions.

Linux--  Download Link & Installation Instructions.

iPad--  Install, Configure and Use the VMware Client App.


8.      The VMWare icon should then be located on your desktop.

9.      LSU's Connection Server is:

10.  Login once again use your MYLSU login information to log on.


12.  From there, the format is identical to that of the class