Links for turning in your assignments: Sociology 2211, Spring 2021


Hi everyone,


Please use the links below for turning in your assignments. I'd like for us to do this for the foreseeable future, though we may go over to another method again. This is due to some special circumstances that arose. Thanks for doing this!


You'll be uploading your assignments into a "file-request" folder in Dropbox. When you click on the link, the screen will tell you how to upload your file.


Each assignment date will go to its own folder, so please upload to the appropriate date, so we don't get assignments mixed up. The folders, listed below, are keyed to the due-date of the assignment, so 210203 = 2/3/2021


Please name your files with your name & then the assignment,

for example: "Rick Weil - Healey chap 4.pdf"



Socl 2211 210203


Socl 2211 210205


Socl 2211 210210


Socl 2211 210212


Socl 2211 210219


Socl 2211 210222


Socl 2211 210224


Socl 2211 210226


Socl 2211 210305


Socl 2211 210308


Socl 2211 210310


Socl 2211 210315


Socl 2211 210319


Socl 2211 210329


Socl 2211 210405


Socl 2211 210412


Socl 2211 210419


Socl 2211 210421


Socl 2211 210423


Socl 2211 210423 - Final Report






If you want to present your photos in class, please upload the individual photos to these links. In other words, if you want to present them, please upload them not embedded in a Word file or pdf, but as individual photo files. This will make it easier for me to display them in class.


Please title them as follows:

"Weil, Rick - Photo Assignment 1 - Photo 1"


Photo Assignment 1, To Present in Class


Photo Assignment 2, To Present in Class