The UNL-Gallup Research Center presents the fourth annual
                Nebraska Symposium on Survey Research


                      PAST, PRESENT AND INTERNET

                          April 13-15, 2000


Web surveys are certain to play a significant role in the future
of survey and market research.  Yet the challenges posed by web
surveys are non-trivial. How can we increase the representativeness
of web survey samples? How can measurement error in web surveys
be assessed and minimized?  How can we assess the validity and
reliability of web surveys?

The 2000 Nebraska Symposium on Survey Research brings together
leading survey and market researchers from business and academia to
discuss what we have learned thus far about survey research and how
this knowledge can advance our understanding in the future of surveys
on the internet.


The 1999 Nebraska Symposium on Survey Research brings together
leading researchers and pollsters from the United States and
Europe to discuss the role of election polling and the electoral

Speakers include:

                George Gallup, Jr.
             The Gallup Organization

                 Andy Anderson
     University of Massachusetts at Amherst

                 James Beniger
       University of Southern California

                  Mick Couper
      Joint Program on Survey Methodology

                  Don Dillman
         Washington State University

                 James Fishkin
        University of Texas at Austin

                 Jon Krosnick
            Ohio State University

                 Frank Newport
      Editor-in-Chief of the Gallup Poll

                  Doug Rivers

                George Terhanian
               Harris Interactive

Registration for the symposium is $70 ($25 for students, photocopy of
current student ID must accompany payment) and includes two and one-
half days of paper presentations, coffee break refreshments, conference
packet and banquet.

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