How to run SPSS online at LSU


Note: you need to be an LSU student

and be able to login to your PAWs account



1.    Go to the class webpage.

2.    Save the dataset to your desktop (right click and Save As)

3.    Log in to your PAWS account.

4.    Click on Tigerbytes.

5.    Where it says File 1, click browse.

6.    Find the dataset on your desktop and click open.

7.    Now click Upload File(s).

8.    Just below where you clicked Tigerbytes, click on Tigerware.

9.    On the right side, click on the Virtual Lab.

10. Use your PAWS log in information.

11. SPSS 15 is the last icon, click on it.

12. If a security box opens, tell it to run.  Also, you must leave open the new window that pops up.

13. This should open up SPSS.

14. Now just go to File, Open, data – it should automatically look in your Tigerbytes, that’s where you load your dataset from.

15. The rest should be just like in class.