Community Response to Covid-19 Project

Themes found in interviews


01 Vulnerability

a.      Age

b.      Covid experience

c.       Economic, Class

d.      Food insecurity

e.      Gender

f.        Medical

g.      New Normal, History

h.      Professional, Job

i.        Race-Ethnicity

02 Safety measures

a.      Agreement

b.      Disagreements

c.       Exhausted, ignoring precautions

d.      Fairness, Objections

e.      Going out, Shopping

f.        Masks

g.      Online Shopping

h.      Quarantines, Re-openings

i.        Social Distancing

j.        Social gatherings

k.       Testing

l.        Vaccine Mandates

m.    Vaccines

n.      Violations

o.      Washing, Disinfecting

03 Economy

a.      Advantages

b.      Assistance

c.       Childcare

d.      Econ-Health Tradeoffs

e.      Economy Reopening

f.        Employer Precautions

g.      Essential

h.      Eviction, Housing

i.        Issues as Employer

j.        Negative Economic Impact

k.       Profession, Job

l.        Quit, Laid Off

m.    Remote

n.      Schools, K-12

o.      Their Job

p.      Universities

04 Psychological distress

a.      Anxiety, Fear

b.      Burn-out, stress

c.       Depression

d.      Exercise as help

e.      Isolation, Disorientation

f.        Personal Growth

g.      Religion as help

h.      Resilience

i.        Self care

05 Interpersonal Relations

a.      Better/worse since Covid

b.      Community

c.       Family Closeness

d.      Online contact

e.      Tensions, Family-Generation

f.        Tensions, Public

06 Community Assistance

a.      Activism, Participation

b.      Community

c.       Community Organizations

d.      Disaster comparisons

e.      Ethnic Community

f.        Faith Based

g.      Family

h.      Government Assistance

i.        Mutual Support

j.        Personal Freedoms

k.       Personal Responsibility, Blame

l.        Professional Support, Nurturing

m.    Receive assistance

07 Religion

a.      Belief

b.      Church

c.       Prayer

08 Worries & Dangers

a.      Access to Sanitation & Supplies

b.      Crime

c.       Domestic Violence

d.      Food

e.      Healthcare Access

f.        People congregating

g.      Substance Abuse

09 Trust, Partisanship, & News

a.      Covid Denial

b.      News Sources

c.       Oppose Safety Measures

d.      Partisanship, Ideology

e.      Politicizing Health

f.        Social Media

g.      Trust-Distrust: Government

h.      Trust-Distrust: Medicine, Healthcare

10 Race Issues

a.      Demonstrations, BLM

b.      Diversity among Blacks: Age, Generation

c.       Diversity among Blacks: Region

d.      Economic Issues

e.      Ethnic Culture

f.        Ethnic Nurturing

g.      Performative Support from Outsiders

11 Gender Issues

a.      Gender Nurturing

b.      Showing feelings

12 Methodology