Table 2.1. Dimensions of political support    
  Political community Democracy as an ideal Performance of the
    form of government regime
Fight for country 0.81 -0.06 0.03
National pride 0.71 0.12 0.15
Democracy: Good way 0.02 0.83 0.10
of governing
Democracy Best form 0.03 0.84 0.04
of governing
Performance of 0.01 0.14 0.69
Performance of 0.07 0.10 0.67
people in national
Performance of 0.09 0.01 0.77
Performance of 0.12 -0.04 0.82
Eigenvalue 1.20 1.46 2.24
  Total variance
Note: Pooled Analysis of World Values Surveys, 1994/7 (38 countries) (Rotated Factor Matrix).
Source: Hans-Dieter Klingemann.  1999.  "Mapping Political Support in the 1990s: A Global Analysis."  Pp. 31-56 in Pippa Norris, ed., Critical Citizens. Global Support for Democratic Governance.  Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Question Texts -

Political Community:

  • 'How proud are you to be a [citizen of this country]? (4) Very proud, (3) quite proud, (2) not very proud, (1) not at all proud.'
  • 'Of course we all hope that there will not be another war, but if it were to come to that, would you be willing to fight for your country? (1) yes, (0) no.'

Democracy as an Ideal Form of Government:

  • 'I am going to describe various types of political systems and ask what you think about each as a way of governing this country. For each would you say it is (4) a very good, (3) a fairly good, (2) a fairly bad, or (1) a very bad way of governing this country?
    Having a democratic system.
  • 'I am going to read off some things that people sometimes say about a democratic system. Could you please tell me if you (4) agree strongly, (3) agree, (2) disagree, or (1) disagree strongly, after I read each of them?
    Democracy may have many problems but it's better than any other form of government.'

Regime Performance:

  • 'People have different views about the system for governing this country. Here is a scale for rating how well things are going: (1) means very bad and (10) means very good. Where on this scale would you put the political system as it is today?'
  • 'How satisfied are you with how the people now in national office are handling the country's affairs? Would you say you are (4) very satisfied, (3) fairly satisfied, (2) fairly dissatisfied, or (1) very dissatisfied?'
  • 'I am going to name a number of organizations. For each one, could you tell me how much confidence you have in them: is it (4) a great deal of confidence, (3) quite a lot of confidence, (2) not very much confidence, or (1) none at all?'
    The Parliament
    The Government in (Capital City)