Political Sociology (Sociology 4421)

Sample Questions for the Midterm Exam

1.       Lukacs’ theory of false consciousness is most relevant to which problem in Marxist theory?

          A.  *The working class did not become revolutionary

          B.  Capitalist states are not imperialist

          C. People repress desires into the subconscious

          D. Workers became affluent

          E.  The State has not withered away


2.       According to Weber, which of the following is a cause of the rise of modern rational capitalism?

          A.  Acquisition by conquest

          B.  The Catholic work ethic

          C. *Citizenship in medieval European towns

          D. A revolutionary vanguard party

          E.  Imperialism


3.       Which are part of Charles Tilly’s theory of State formation?

          A.  Capitalists control the state

          B.  Core capitalist countries and peripheral dependent countries

          C. *A dialectic of Military, Revenues, and Bureaucracy

          D. The state’s capacity grows as society becomes more complex

          E.  Peasants control the working class


4.       Which of the following are examples of “behavioral” cleavages?

          A.  *Union Membership

          B.  Social Class

          C. Religious Denomination

          D. Gender

          E.  Race


5.       According to Lipset and Rokkan, what event generated the cleavage between traditional agrarian elites and modern urban/industrial elites

          A.  The Reformation

          B.  The National Revolution

          C. *The Industrial Revolution

          D. The (potential) Proletarian Revolution

          E.  The Post-Industrial Revolution